Mock Portfolio Investing

I had a thought. I’m interested in creating an income strategy, but I’m too far away from retirement to actually do anything about it. Why not create a mock portfolio, and see how it does over time.

I had another thought. Why not create a few portfolios and compare them all over time. I’ll create three separate strategy portfolios: An income portfolio, a managed portfolio and an index portfolio.

I’ll report my progress in % gain/loss, $ gain/loss, dividend gains as well as any associated fees. The fees will be estimated of course, as best as I can.

In order to make this a more realistic exercise, I think each portfolio should have an overall value that can be built upon over time (I hope). The index and managed strategy will be assigned $100,000, and the income portfolio will have a value of $1,000,000, after all this is a portfolio representing retirement.

I’ll try to report on this on a monthly basis, generally around the middle of the month, give or take. However, this does not limit my activity to once a month. I will maintain these portfolios as I would manage in real life. There will be times of a fair amount of activity (trades) and there will also be times of little or no activity, it all depends on the markets.

Well, enough of this, I have some work to do. Up first, the index portfolio!

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